What do you call a hairdresser?
It is someone who colours, styles, and cuts hair. There are a lot of well-known hairdressers and you would need to reserve them ahead of time. That is alright since it won’t take long to call the salon for you to request a certain hairdresser. You can get lucky if that person is not doing any customers at the moment. There is also a possibility that the person is available while she is waiting for another customer’s hair to dry.

What is the difference between hairstylist and hairdresser?
The only difference between the two is the spelling because the online encyclopedia lists both words as synonyms, stated Hairdresser Mentone. Thus, both are terms that are commonly used in salons. If someone asks for a hairstylist or a hairdresser, then they are asking for the same person. The two words can sometimes get mistaken for the other. Yes, a hairstylist gets called a hairdresser and the other way around. They surely won’t mind it because they made a living out of doing what they love. There are times when they won’t notice which among the two words they are called.

How much do hairdressers make a year?
It depends on how many customers the hairdresser is getting. If it is a lot, then the person can be earning as much as $20,000. If it is not a lot, then that number can drop significantly. That won’t include the tips they get as some people tip really big. Of course, that would depend if they like what the hairdresser did. If they like what they saw, then they could give a big tip. If it is the other way around, they may not give a tip at all. That won’t be good news for the hairdresser especially if she rarely gets customers. Word of mouth is important for this profession as you will get customers when customers say you are good. Some women would usually stick to one hairdresser their entire lives.

What can you have done at a hairdresser?
You can have so many things done to your hair like colouring, braiding, and wig styling. You can tell the hairdresser what you want to be done to your hair and she will do the rest. There are a lot of hairdressers who are so creative with what they do that you will like the finished product. You will love it when you finally get a long look at the mirror and see your new image. It definitely took these people a long time before they were able to perfect what they do. This career is a serious one and you need to be really passionate with what you do. If you make a mistake with what you are doing with a customer’s hair, that person may get really mad. She may not want to go outside the salon if she does not like what she sees. As a result, it is possible the process will have to be redone.